Daily Archives: October 13, 2015

If these high winds and chilliness are any indication, winter is fast approaching.  You took the risk of driving all summer long without a license, and possibly without insurance.

If you, or any one you know, has a suspended, revoked, cancelled or withdrawn Minnesota driver’s license for ANY reason, you may want to share this post.

Did you know you could be arrested for driving without proof of insurance while driving on a suspended license?  You are looking at roughly $511 No Insurance ticket, $386 DAS/DAR ticket, and $240 impound fees.  Probably not where you want your holiday money to go.

This can all be avoided by getting your license reinstated.  Sign up with your friend and you will both receive $25 off your $100 program enrollment fee.

Our program is designed to assist you to lift the holds from license while you complete your state requirements and become reinstated.  Once you are reinstated, you are in a position to negotiate fine dismissal, modification and or reduction.  Once the fines are determined, you can setup payment arrangements, community service or STS with the county while maintaining a valid license.

Doesn’t matter if it is due to tickets in/out of state, child support, DUI/DWI or civil judgments; we can help.

We take walk-ins from 10am to 4pm Monday thru Thursday and Friday until 5pm.


577 University Avenue E
St. Paul, MN 55103

Just 1 block East of Dale Street on the corner of Kent and University.  Conveniently on the Dale Street Greenline.