How does our program work?

Drive with Pride is experienced in working with suspended, revoked, canceled or withdrawn driver’s license whether it is from unpaid fines, out of state tickets, child support holds, civil judgments, and DWI/DUI.

Our program is designed to gather information relating to your suspense, guide you through the process of getting reinstated, assisting in getting holds lifted from your license, and putting you in a position to negotiate fine dismissals, modification or reduction.  If you do not have the finances to pay the remaining fines – depending on the county /city – you can schedule a payment plan, community work service, or Sentence to Serve (STS).

Stop by our office Monday thu Friday from 12pm to 6pm and Saturday noon until 4pm to sign up, no appointment necessary.  The program enrollment fee is  $100 and we accept major credit cards/checkcards.

Central Midway Building
393 Dunlap Street N
Suite 740
St. Paul, MN 55104



There are a some falsely advertising that they are a driver’s license reinstatement program.  Please exercise caution when trusting something important as a driver’s license to these people.

1.  Check to see if their telephone number is listed Business Search.

2.  Google their business name to see if it pops up, with an address.

3.  See if they have a webpage.

4.  Check the Secretary of State to see if their business is registered, active and in good standing. 

These helpful tips will save you time, hassle and money in the long run.

On Friday October 9th, 2015. I had the pleasure of meeting with Trish Fitzgerald-Buckingham, Justin Blood, and Rhonda Hunter of Drive with Pride. To discuss a possible working arrangement between our organizations,Ex-Offenders Resource Network, and International Coalition for Reentry Affairs, Inc.

I believe that the partnerships developed and with a mutual sharing of contacts we are poised to address a multitude of issues people desperately need help with to both sustain their lives and make positive uplifting changes.

The team at Drive With Pride, have and are making huge inroads in helping people become mobile to better provide for their families.

At Ex-Offenders Resource Network, Inc., we provide assistance with the following:

* Employment Opportunities
* Housing Resources (for Ex-Offenders)
* Educational Training (through our partnership with Alison, Inc. we offer more than 750 “FREE” online Diploma and Certificate Courses which has more than 5 Million Users Worldwide).

Ex-Offenders Resource Network, Inc., has the following: 100 Groups where we can offer 100 Subjects in each of the Groups with 1,000 Users per Group. In essence, we can assist 100,000 individuals around the World.

Our Global partners are from the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, Japan, Austria, Turkey, Iceland, South Korea, France and several others.