Approved by Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS)

Pay the program fee of $350

Participate in training

Acquire and Maintain Insurance

Must not have any major violations while in program

Not accepted in all counties

All/full payments must be received to remove tickets

Payment Plans for fines and fees to program

Miss a payment:

·         Forfeit all money paid

·         Tickets remain on driving record

Get another ticket:

·         Removed from program

·         Forfeit all money paid

·         All tickets remain on driving record

Ineligible for program if:

·         Criminal Vehicular Operation (CVO)

·         Owe child support without payment plan

·         Judgments – must be paid to enter program

·         Fleeing an Officer

·         Canceled IPS (Inimical to Public Safety)

·         5th degree felony

·         Theft of Motor Vehicle

·         DUI or DWI – before hard revocation is complete

·         Civil Judgment

·         Child Support Hold

·         Out of State Tickets

·         Ineligible Counties

Minnesota Resident obtaining Minnesota License

Pay the program enrollment fee $100

No class required

Assist with all counties

Gather all requirements & documents

Pay tickets directly to county administration

Pay reinstatement fee directly to DVS

Keep you on task to fulfill requirements

Tickets in collection:

·         Provide motion paperwork

·         Serve motions

·         Attend court

Child Support Hold:

·         Gather information from Caseworker

·         Gather information from arrears management

·         Obtain requirements to lift hold

Civil Judgment:

·         Gather information to lift hold


·         Gather information to become reinstated

·         Keep you on task to fulfill requirements

·         Provide necessary paperwork:

o   Ignition Interlock

o   Reduced Fee Ignition Interlock

o   Rehabilitation Requirements

o   Special Review

o   Medical Condition

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