Our program is designed to guide our client through the path of getting their driver’s license reinstated. We research and gather information needed for our client to regain their driving privileges. We are not attorneys and do not give legal advice; we offer knowledge so our clients may make informed decisions.

Our clients complete the State requirements, then follow the customized comprehensive program through the path of getting suspense holds lifted and license reinstated. A valid license gives our client the power of negotiation: fine dismissal, modification and/or fine reduction which could save you money.

COST: $200

Comprehensive Self-Help Program includes:

  • Consultant to research court and driving records for open citations, citations in collections, civil judgments, child support holds, obtain state requirements necessary to acquire a valid license, and develop a customized self-help program,
  • Provide necessary forms related to reinstating your driver’s license.
  • Related resources, including support services such as ignition interlock service providers, chemical use assessment locations, treatment program to meet the guidelines, and insurance certificate (SR-22 insurance) referrals.
  • Support throughout the process.

Additional Services Offered:

  • $50 Child Support to assist with research and negotiation.
  • $50 per Civil Judgment for a consultant to assist with research and negotiation.
  • $20 to serve and file motion each motion.

* Prices are subject to change and are current as of 03/10/2021

** We accept secure online electronic payments only and non-refundable. A 3.50% transaction fee will apply.

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