Both cases dismissed done name clear thank you Rhonda Hunter and drive with pride love u lady…

– Anthony Hall  05/19/2016


Best Drivers License reinstatement program in MN! I lost my license for 6 plus years! Working with Rhonda Hunter she had my license back for me in 3 or 4 months! I had over 30 tickets! Also saved me from the judge trying to give me jail time because I had so many driving after revocation tickets! Thanks again Rhonda for all the hard work you & Justin spent helping me get my license back! Keep up the good work!

– Isaiah Farrar 11/10/15


Very kind caring courteous people.Ty Justin and Rhonda for keeping me valid.

– Sean Deneau 11/05/2015


Definitely will help you get your license back!!! On my way,been almost 17 years!!

– Rodney Griffin 11/04/2015


If you or anyone you know that are having problems getting their license for the first time or simply trying to get them back or need help, look no further. DRIVE WITH PRIDE is where you need to be.

– Eric Wilson 11/02/2015


Great program. I have referred several clients and all were satisfied with their service.

– Anthony Scott 11/01/2015


Great program! I see first hand everday clients getting valid.

– Trisha Fitzgerald-Buckingham 10/30/2015


I give 3 to 4 stars. The staff is AMAZING. I love them all.

– Natasha Harwell 10/25/2015


Dismissed! Thank you Rhonda DrivewithPride Hunter and Justin Blood!! I’m so happy to be working with you guys!

– Heather Malaske 08/19/2015


I just ended the call with justin & I go take my written test tomorrow morning & off to court @ 12 ewww ya biish a couple days away from being VALID BABY soon to be back whipping… This bus & cab ish gotta go. 🚘🚘

– Natasha Martin 08/18/2015


Drive with Pride thanks for getting all my fees lowered significantly.  If it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t be able to get my driver’s license back.  Thanks Rhonda Fitzgerald-Hunter…  I recommend you guys to every body.

– Willie Suggs  12/6/2014


Drive with Pride helped get my license and now I have a new car!!!! Drive with Pride is doing a driving incentive program get your license and we will help get you in a brand a new car.

– Teriana Parker  11/5/2014

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