We’ve all heard of DUI’s, Driving while Intoxicated. But in Minnesota, a new trend in convictions is on the rise – Drugged Driving.

Drug-Impaired Driving is a rising problem among young adults. Upscale Quest Network is devoted to educating our clients and the community about the dangers of Impaired Driving. Not only is Impaired Driving dangerous, it can be extremely costly and expensive.  It is important that we are all aware of how Drug-Impaired Driving is determined, and what can happen as a result of being pulled over.

FACT: Drug-Impaired Drivers are even more likely than Drunk Drivers to get convicted.

Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) police officers are trained to be able to identify drug impaired drivers. DRE refers not only to the officers themselves, but to the 12-step procedure that these officers use.


(Sources: Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drug_Recognition_Expert and http://www.decp.org/experts/12steps.htm)


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